The Way The Crookies Crumble

As most people are aware, crooks can go to any length or depth to advance their evil designs. This is where they differ from ordinary mortals, who usually know when to say “enough is enough”.

Four years ago, the greatest crook and high-flying lawyer from New York, Rudy Giuliani, flew down into Washington to ask the greatest conman for a job. Donald Trump, also from New York, obliged, and thus started the creative partnership between a crook and conman to con the ‘innocent and gullible’ people of the United States on a scale that had been unthinkable so far.

Well, after all the nonsense that started happening immediately after Trump assumed office, it was finally time for Trump to seek reelection, which really scared him. He made it quite clear since more than a year ago that he would not accept the election results if he were to lose. Lose he did, and so refuse he must to recognize Joe Biden because Trump is a man of his words. He had already promised (threatened) he would not accept another man’s victory, so here we are. I haven’t heard a single Republican of note come out and say to Trump to do the right thing. If this is the level and stature of Republican leadership now, then God save the world and God save the United States.

This morning, we saw the low-life Rudy Giuliani who wouldn’t even bat an eyelid to sell his country for a few dollars more, hold a press conference to talk about all the cases he has filed in different courts on behalf of his client, Donald Trump, alleging a nationwide election fraud perpetrated by the democrats on the American people. Would somebody in the United States sue him for spreading falsehood, making wild accusations without evidence, and subverting the American Constitution and democracy? Come on guys! Don’t you want to justify being called “the most litigious country in the world”? Why can’t you call a spade a spade?

But for me, the scene of Rudy Giuliani at the press conference, with his freshly applied black hair dye on his bald head melting down his face, was a clear sign of the meltdown of Trump’s pathetic 4-year interlude in the history of the United States.