Japan Inc. and Pak Inc.

In the late sixties and seventies, the world was witnessing a relentless double-digit growth of the Japanese economy which was perceived to involve not only corporate Japan but also the Japanese government, society, both public and private sectors, and above all MITI. To the Western eyes, it seemed the whole country was on the march to manufacture and export, but when it came to imports, Japan, it seemed, stood as a citadel. This situation brought about the notion of Japan Inc.

Since the seventies and still continuing, a similar trend has been witnessed in Pakistan. There has been a sustained drive involving all the actors including the state, the military, ISI, and the courts, towards the birth, spread, and export of terror as an instrument of national policy. While Japan was working hard for development and growth, Pakistan kept itself busy trying to sabotage peace and development. The unholy alliance of terrorism and jihad created by the Pakistani state has affected countries from Afghanistan to India, France to England, and Sri Lanka to America.

This is very well borne out by the consistent refusal of the Pakistani government to arrest internationally-named terrorists by the United Nations, India, and United States. Today, we saw further proof of the Pakistani system’s complicity in terror operations with the Pakistani Supreme Court’s announcement that the four terrorists being held in jail for the kidnap and murder of American Journalist, Daniel Pearl, will be released soon.

The new American administration of Biden and Harris will do well to remember that while it is on the verge of cozying up to its erstwhile ally(?) in its “War on Terror”, the Pakistani government is about to release four convicted terrorists who killed a U.S. citizen. Well, some people (governments) never learn.