A Tale of Two Thieves

A Washington Post report says that Donald Trump is refusing to pay his attorney Rudy Giuliani for his ‘enormous’ efforts to get the state legislatures and courts to declare Trump the winner of the 2020 November elections. I couldn’t help laughing at this news because this was inevitable; you can’t be serious if you really thought Trump was going to pay $20,000 a day in legal fees to his friend Rudy, especially after the failed attempt.

There is honor among crooks, as they say, but these two are beyond and out of the parameters of the definition of a crook. One has recently been rejected and fired by the American public from his job and on top of it, has been impeached for a second time by Congress. The other, a great crook, might soon be disbarred by the city of New York for spreading falsehoods to help Trump overturn his election loss.

It would be fun to watch Rudy sue Donald Trump for his refusal to pay Judy for his (utterly useless) legal advice and help. But if Trump is really forced to pay for some reason, he can again declare bankruptcy (7th time) to avoid fulfilling his obligations. He is used to that.