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I am Satish Tandon, Professor of English And Economics at Nihon University.
I will teach you how to use quizzes for learning English Easily.

About ME

Satish Tandon is an adjunct professor of english and economics at Kanto-Gakuin University. He also teaches at Nihon University and the National Defense Academy. He has fifteen years of experience teaching at renowned Japanese universities. This website includes a number of articles and links to scholarly publications written by Professor Tandon. Moreover, he has made hundreds of quizzes for his students to help them understand and improve their English language ability. Some of those quizzes are also included here.

Professor Tandon worked in the publishing sector at the United Nations University in Tokyo for over ten years. His involvement in the worldwide and diverse activities of the United Nations gave him a unique insight and international perspective which is both balanced and pragmatic. When he is not teaching or making educational material, Mr. Tandon is busy playing different kinds of sports. He loves bowling, billiards, lawn bowls, table tennis and tennis. You can see him in action most weekends at the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club (YCAC).

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